Get to Know Us

Having been involved in numerous off-market sales over the years this website is to formalize a process that generally happens completely behind closed doors. This website is specifically designed to give sellers the opportunity should they choose to test the market and the possibility of a confidential off-market sale. There are many reasons vendors choose to sell property off-market sometimes they just don't want anyone to know their business that they are considering selling. there is a lot more property sold off-market than the public or media are we are off.

For buyers, it is also a confidential way to buy. This website just might be your opportunity of a lifetime to secure that dream property without having to go through the process of dealing with multiple estate agents to find a property.

Become a Member:

becoming a member of real estate off-market is easy all you have to do is click on the seller or buyer button and register your details. If you are considering selling you just need to provide some information about the property that you are considering offering off-market and we'll be in touch. 

if you're a buyer fill out the attached form remind me some details like the type of property you're looking for the area and price range and will let you know if we have anything suitable for you.